Every watch goes through thorough inspection before we offer it in our shop. If we deem it necessary (in case of defects or incorrect timekeeping), we ensure that it is fully serviced first. Defects can arise, however, and we offer a 6 month warranty after purchase or the remaining factory warranty if it is still valid, of course. The warranty only covers mechanical defects related to the movement.

We want to clearly stipulate that vintage watches do not keep time as accurately as modern ones. As a rule of thumb, you should expect your vintage timepiece to be accurate to a minute or two a day, whereas older watches and those with simpler, less-accurate movements may operate three to five minutes fast or slow. In fact, many movements from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, especially those found in tool and military watches, were designed with relaxed timekeeping standards and couldn’t possibly be more accurate. Accuracy issues will therefor be evaluated on a case by case basis (based on age, movement and, if any, applicable certifications).

Excluded from warranty are defects regarding:

  • Normal wear & tear
  • Accidents
  • Improper use
  • Water resistance of the watch (impossible to guarantee, especially for vintage watches)
  • Breaking/loss of watch crystal or other watch parts
  • Defects due to dirt or moisture in the watch

The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and not transferable. It is void if an unauthorized party tampers with the watch or the movement within.

Warranty is never applicable for watches sold in consignment as the transaction is made between purchaser and private owner. If a watch is sold in consignment, it is clearly stated on the product page.

Please contact us for your warranty claim and we will get back to you as soon as possible!