Time Counts is an initiative by founders Bart Schoonvliet and Matthias De Pauw, fueled by many years of obsessively collecting (and trading up) watches. Our combined knowledge about watches and their provenance could fill entire novels and we decided to put that to good use by starting a watch shop and community.

Time Counts is a “double entendre” – both meant as a statement that time is precious and also we thought that “The Counts of Time” would be a humorous way of calling ourselves. After all, the countship is a royal title but, let’s face it, one that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. And you could say the same for the two of us.

Through Time Counts we want to offer you the best selection of curated watches for many price points, as we are convinced that life’s just too short for boring watches. You don’t need to invest thousands of Euros to be able to be called a watch collector, we respect everybody’s budget and really there are great watches to collect at any price point. We’re happy to guide you on your journey to your perfect grail watch.

First and foremost, though, we are absolute watch freaks. As such, we want to build a community around Watch Counts in time with initiatives on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube etc. Stay tuned because exciting times are ahead!

– Bart & Matthias, aka The Time Counts